"Weird Girls" is a celebration of staying true to who you are. Inspired by the series "Weird Girls," which is in development now.
"Weird Girls" is a teen horror-comedy series; "The Goonies" meet "Poltergeist" with a liberal dose of Buffy. It’s just a simple story about four middle-school girls dealing with all the issues of growing up… and fighting demons.


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Brian why does it seem that there is such hostility towards woman creators in the comic industry?



Because no matter what we do there will always be unevolved cowards among us. and the anonymity of the Internet brings out some people’s worst instincts.

  please read my words carefully… I said some people. and its only some people. but those people seem really awful.

 truthfully, it is not just female creators. a lot of people take weird, hateful shit from weird people.  truthfully, honestly, a lot of us get showered with lovely thoughts all day as well but the sickening stuff stands out because… it just does.

but I think that all of us would hope that we would have gotten to a place as a society where our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives could go on the Internet without having to worry about being called a whore for having an opinion.

 I think what rattles most of us in the comic book community is the fact that someone could read a bunch of comic books, with very specific, simple moral themes with highly moral characters, fighting the fight for good, and COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT.

 you know what Capt. America would never do? he would never go on the Internet anonymously and slam anyone.

the point of the stories, the good ones :-), is to show us what we could be. not to waddle around in the minutia of comic book science but to enjoy a world were someone is fighting the good fight.  a world we hope we could live in one day.

 just because you are posting anonymously doesn’t mean that those thoughts are not yours.  it is not role-play, it is not a character, that is who you really are.  that is the energy you are putting out in the world. this isn’t some mask you are hiding behind… this is who you REALLY ARE.

and if who you really are is a bully, anonymous or not, I truly feel bad for you. I really do. I feel bad that you’re hurting so badly that you think you need to do this.  

but there is NO excuse to attempt to punish others under the cloak of anonymous. none. 



Favourite Fashion: Christian Dior, Fall 2010 RTW

I want all of this. All of it.

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No idea that Emma Stone was such a HUGE fan of the Spice Girls. She was almost tearing up.

Valkyrie of the Fortnight - Sarah

Our newest Valkyrie of the Fortnight - Sarah, helping prove that comics aren’t just a dude’s world.

Every fortnight we feature a woman working in your local comic shops to help break down stereotypes and show everyone that it’s not just a dude’s world.


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"You do anything fun Saturday night?"

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Happy 24th Birthday Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

(15th April 1990)

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Kelli’s so excited about “Orphan Black” coming back that she had to do a closet cosplay of her favorite clone


Zoe - Morning Glories

Take a group of friends with a love for Morning Glories and a small con set on a university campus and it’s only natural that a cosplay group would come together.  We had a ton of fun doing this group and being Zoe for the day was faaaaabulous.  If you haven’t read the comic yet, do yourself a favor and go pick up the first volume already!

With Heather and Nate of zhobot as Heather and Ike and Denis as Jun!  Thank you to Roger for taking the pictures for us!  Be sure to check out more of the shoot over at whitehotroom.com and over on zhobot!

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Scarlett Johansson photographed by Alasdair McLellan for WSJ Magazine (2014)

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Photo: Bourbaki Photography
Model: Iren Mirror
Make-up: Anna Cartes
Styling and clothes: Bibian Blue

Boudoir Satin Corset Dress, 495€

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