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*Playing D&D*
*Party is disguised as cultists but we’ve been challenged*

DM: “Okay, what do you do?”

Me: “I blast out of my cultist robes like Will Smith in Bad Boys 2…”


DM: “One point of inspiration for bad assery.”

On a scale of Funny-going-ons to Happy-go-lucky


DM to our Party’s Necromancer: You do sense some magic from this general area…

Necromancer: Is it teleportation magic?

DM: Hmm… More… Funny-going-ons magic.

Necromancer: Funny-going-ons magic? Is that anything like Happy-go-lucky magic?

DM (in all seriousness): No, You have Funny-going-ons magic up this end of the scale, and happy-go-lucky magic at the other, and somewhere in between is muppet shuffling.

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Pull List of books you should check out

the m o c k i n g j a y

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Found this on my Pintrest this morning. Ain’t that the truth…



— Emile Denis

Initiation Ritual

Illustration for the 21st issue of “Kobold Quarterly”

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Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel cosplay & costuming round-up from DragonCon in Atlanta, including Kelly Sue DeConnick’s surprise visit to the Marvel Universe Costume Gathering! For even more, head over to our Marvel.com DragonCon Gallery here!

Photos by Judy Stephens, Nicole Ciaramella and Pat Loika

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Dragon scale armour has always made me uncomfortable in D&D, I mean in D&D and a lot of other settings, dragons are not wild beasts, they are sentient people. Sure they are vicious and often eat people, but still, you wouldn’t make an armour of fire resistance out of that tiefling bandit you killed, would you? I would imagine dragons to be quite disgusted seeing people running around in the skin of their dead kin.

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