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Zonbi’s wearing her Battle Jumper to play Slender Man in the dark! 

It didn’t go well.

Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

Cosplayed by Kelli Nova

Here’s Danni’s latest pull list for new comics you should read

Zonbi has some great simple tips on making foam armor

After narrowly avoiding a night in jail, our new Dungeons and Dragons players have to survive a night in the woods. Will they? Or will they just hide in a tree?

Storm is coming! She finally gets her own title in the Marvel lineup. Plus plenty more in Danni’s latest pull list.

Kelli Nova has sewing figured out… at least she thought so.

So we all got together and decided to have a little fun with our own verison of a lip-sync battle. Watch ‘em all. Like your favorite(s). Then someone will brag.

Some people think YA lit isn’t worth your time. Chandler Baker disagrees!

Danni Danger has her pick for this week’s pull list

What books are you reading?

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