"Weird Girls" is a celebration of staying true to who you are. Inspired by the series "Weird Girls," which is in development now.
"Weird Girls" is a teen horror-comedy series; "The Goonies" meet "Poltergeist" with a liberal dose of Buffy. It’s just a simple story about four middle-school girls dealing with all the issues of growing up… and fighting demons.


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Here you go! My hour-long interview with Danni Danger of Weird Girls. Watch as I use the words “y’know” and “like” way too often and never know when to stop talking? Ha ha ha oh boy

It was really fun. Danni rules.

New comics for the week from Danni Danger

Preach, Danni!

(Apparently a couple of the gifs weren’t working. I tried to fix it but no luck. They’ll work if you click on them. Sorry)

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