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Complete with accents and potato jokes.

New comics are out and Danni has her latest pull list ready to go

Danni Danger made haikus about fandoms for her GoFundMe supporters

It’s Tina Belcher! It’s Kelli Nova’s latest closet cosplay!

It’s Chandler’s August Book Haul!

Jenny Lorenzo and Danni Danger hang out together in LA and talk about ALL the things. 

There are tangents.

These brand new Dungeons and Dragons players are on a quest, that is if they can not kill each other first.

Amy Dallen joins Danni Danger for this week’s pull list.

Sorry for the focus. :-/

New comics are coming out Wednesday! But Danni can hardly stop thinking about Batgirl #35 coming out NEXT month

Zonbi’s wearing her Battle Jumper to play Slender Man in the dark! 

It didn’t go well.

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