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Kelli Nova has some quilting to do

Did you realize that Saturday morning cartoons don’t really exist like they used to any more?

Bagirl’s got some new clothes in Danni Dangers pull list this week

Just a few of the cosplay pics we were able to snag at Austin Wizard World.

See Part 1 here

See Part 2 here

Gotham Academy and more are out this week. 

Plus we were at Alamo City Comic Con, which was an amazing convention!

Pull List of books you should check out

We dance, We fight. We channel our inner Mola Ram. We play Dungeons and Dragons in the latest “Heroes of Awesome” 

Some of the most fun we’ve had so far and it all started with us getting drawn deeper into the woods

Complete with accents and potato jokes.

New comics are out and Danni has her latest pull list ready to go

Danni Danger made haikus about fandoms for her GoFundMe supporters

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